Herman Wanningen

Herman Wanningen is founder of World Fish Migration Foundation (WFMF). With a strong background in water management and aquatic ecology, Herman has developed a successful career in fish passage over the past 20 years. He is leading the efforts on developing fish migration visions and policies at a global scale. As director Development and Strategy of the WFMF, Herman facilitates and activates communication between the worldwide fish migration expert community and key-decision makers and policy makers. He gives advice on national and international fish passage and river connectivity projects such as the Fish Migration River project (The Netherlands), Dam Removal Europe and AMBER Horizon2020 project. This last project aims to map all barriers in European rivers and to provide management tools.

Herman is known on the international stage for developing the World Fish Migration Day (2014, 2016 and 2018), organizing international conferences and developing fish migration networks. Herman is coordinator and co-author of three international From Sea to Source books on fish migration. He has won an award for his management of the successful Fish Passage conference in 2015 in Groningen. He is manager of the World Fish Migration Day 2018. On April 21 over 2500 local and regional organizations organized 550 events in 63 countries.

Peter Paul Schollema

Peter Paul Schollema is a specialist in Aquatic Ecology working for the Dutch Regional Water Authority Hunze en Aa's. Over the last 15 years he has been working on a large number of river and lake restoration projects with a strong focus on planning, monitoring studies and implementation of measures in the North-eastern part of The Netherlands. During this period he has worked on more than 100 fish migration facilities ranging from small ramps in upper reaches to high tech fish passes at tidal barriers. He worked as one of the authors on three projects; the European Guidance on fish migration "From sea to source" (2006), and both worldwide guidances "From sea to source, International guidance for the restoration of fish migration highways" (2012) and “From Sea to Source 2.0, Protection and restoration of fish migration in rivers worldwide” (2018).

Peter Gough

Peter Gough is an environmental scientist with more than 30 years experience in freshwater ecology, fisheries science and aquatic ecosystem management. He has worked in the water industry in England and Wales and currently for Natural Resources Wales where he is the Principal Advisor on freshwater and diadromous fisheries matters, working on factors affecting the status of migratory fish stocks. Peter is one of the main players nationally in the development and implementation of guidance and management approaches to maintain and improve populations of salmon and sea trout through practical and regulatory measures. Specifically he is involved in the maintenance and improvement of fish migration using fishways, fish easements and weir removal techniques, and the protection of fish populations and their migrations from factors such as barrages, land-use and hydropower.

Peter was involved in the development of the European Guidance on fish migration "From sea to source" (2006) as an editor and is also editor and co-author of the worldwide guidance "From sea to source, International guidance for the restoration of fish migration highways" (2012) and its follow-up "From Sea to Source 2".

Kerry Brink

Dr Kerry Brink is an aquatic ecologist residing in Netherlands. She completed her PhD in aquatic health in 2010 and has worked on fish ecology, biomonitoring, restoration programs and other ecotoxicological studies in Africa. In the past few years, Kerry has been involved in the coordination of a number of international projects related to protecting and conserving migratory fish around the world through communication strategies. She coordinated World Fish Migration Day(WFMD) 2014 and WFMD 2016, which involved collaborating with hundreds of colleagues to helped reach millions of people around the world. In 2015, Kerry was also involved in the coordination of the Fish Passage conference 2015 and development of the a global network of people working on fish migration topics. She is currently actively involved in developing the Swimway Initiative both in the Wadden Sea and South Africa. Kerry is currently writing a review of migratory fish in Southern Africa and writing the 2nd International From Sea To Source Book, which is launched during WFMD2018.

Joshua Royte

Joshua Royte is The Nature Conservancy’s representative on the World Fish Migration Platform Steering Committee and currently serves as its Chair.

Recruited by Herman in 2013, Josh has worked to expand the international nature of World Fish Migration Day, helping to develop partnerships and raising funds through his own organization and other sources for web operations and staffing.

“It’s so important to celebrate and restore our planet’s amazing fish migrations,” says Josh. “And while this one day of events is incredibly meaningful and important, it has spurred the development of a broader mission to connect people around the world in order to share experiences and expertise throughout the year.”

While Josh’s background is in landscape ecology, his first summer job in undergraduate school was river restoration to help steelhead in northern California. Today, his work for The Nature Conservancy focuses on forest and river protection and restoration throughout the state of Maine (USA), carefully planning actions and measuring outcomes for fish, their ecosystems, and the human communities that depend on them.